Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ten Things I Learned During a Snowstorm

It’s December and I live in the Northeast so snow doesn’t come as much of a surprise to me from now until let’s say the end of March.  We had our first decent storm earlier this week and they are predicting another one coming in this weekend. No surprise after all it's not July. When the storm hit earlier in the week it was expected. We were told for days before that snow was coming.  I woke up that morning, made my coffee and turned on the news.  All I could think was am I the only one who heard snow was in the forecast?  Even the news anchors were acting like it was breaking news that white snowflakes were in fact dropping from the sky.  School was cancelled and here are ten things I learned about people during a snowstorm that day.

1.       No one has a snow shovel.  Seriously no one has one. So everyone rushes to the nearest Home Depot and everyone buys at least 5 causing them to run out within mere minutes.

2.       The media thinks it is news that no one has a shovel so they interview every Tom, Dick & Sally who are in the parking lot leaving with their five shovels.  Oh and there is always some idiot in the background on his cell phone waving to his friends.  “No I didn’t get my shovel they were all gone but can you see me bro? Yeah that’s me!”

3.       Every household in the eye of the storm is out of milk, bread and eggs. The grocery stores are packed with people buying all three of these items.  I can only assume that there is some secret ritual of making French toast for your entire neighborhood during a snow storm and no one has shared this with me.

4.       Facebook is filled with status updates about the snow.  Sally: OMG it’s totally snowing you guys.  Tom: Crap it’s flipping snowing the ride into work should be a real pain in the ass. Jessie: Yay snow! Linda: I’m nice and cozy in my house and getting ready to make French toast.  John: No one knows how to drive in the snow. This sucks! Cousin Jimmy: Snow DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It’s a whole day filled with status updates that revolve solely around the snow.

5.       After all the status updates come the pictures. (I’m guilty of this myself) Kids in the snow, dogs in the snow, Grandma in the snow, rulers on the deck in the snow, and of course just the snow with the caption “beautiful” or “It’s really coming down now."   


6.       Kids all want to play in the snow and I relearned that it takes approximately 6 hours 10 minutes and 43 seconds to get them and you dressed properly to go play.

7.       Kids get out into the snow and complain within mere minutes that they have to pee and they are cold.

8.       Parents scream OH NO! We are staying out here if it kills us. I am literally sweating from trying to get you guys dressed so you are going to play and have fun while you do it.

9.       Kids think playing means make giant snowballs and throw them in one another’s face which will result in crying and actually heading inside.

10.   It takes another 6 hours and 15 minutes to undress from playing in the snow and suddenly you realize maybe all those people buying shovels are doing it to avoid this fiasco.

Well more snow is on the way and I’m pretty sure we are out of shovels, eggs, milk, and bread so I think I will volunteer to get those this time and my husband can get the kids ready to go out and play.


  1. Yes!! It's so funny how social media, the news media, and just about everyone goes berserk for snow! Personally, I am not crazy about the stuff and the snow gear that covers my hallway when the kids come in afterwards!

    1. Yes the snow gear takes over and it's wet so the floors look great! ;)

  2. I think I broke my neck nodding through this whole piece. I SO remember those days, and the big mugs of hot cocoa that always followed. Thanks for the memories, and the laugh.

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