Monday, August 26, 2013

We All Have Bad Days

Today was a bad day. You know one of those days where you sit back after the kids go to bed and you say wow that was a really bad flipping day. How bad could it really be right?  Well I will tell you. Here are the top ten reasons today sucked.

1.       My oldest woke up at 6:30 am demanding to play angry birds. (My phone wasn’t charged.)

2.       The milk was bad. (I’ve been away with the kids for a week so this makes sense)

3.       The 2yo slept until 9:40 (sounds awesome right?!) he peed through everything to the point where his bedroom smelled like a nursing home and may in fact need to be lit on fire.

4.       It rained. (Mother nature’s way of telling actual mothers to F-OFF)

5.       We had plumbers coming to the house, the water was off, and I had to pee. The end.

6.       I took the boys school shopping for new sneakers and we were in public so other people were there to witness them fighting and me losing my mind.

7.       I took them to the library and the 2yo pooped within the first two minutes of getting there.

(Where can I find a book about holding in your poop at the library?!)

8.       The 2yo fell on his face in front of the library and the police station and proceeded to scream at the top of his lungs for 10 minutes. ( I actually hoped for a short period of time that the police would throw me into jail or a break or something)

9.       The 5yo told me pee leaked out after laughing so hard at the 2yo falling…which was his way of telling me he just peed his pants.

10.   I forgot wipes and diapers.

Before having kids I worked in corporate sales and all I used to worry about were my sales quotas. On a bad day I would come home, bitch to my husband, go for a run, cook dinner, pour a glass of wine, soak in a bath and call it a day. Now that I am home with my kids my husband can’t hear me bitching over the screaming, I can rarely make it for a run without at least one kid in tow, I cook dinner with a timer that makes it feel like a game show, and a bath??? Hahahahaha and wine?....well that’s just survival.  
Regardless of all of that I look at my boys and I remember driving to the OBGYN to listen to the heartbeat of my oldest and talking to him the whole way. I remember feeling the kicks and loving each and every one of them. I remember the Doctor telling us we had another boy with the second and crying with happiness. I signed up for this,  I calculated my ovulation for this. I love all of this. I love the good days and the bad days. I really do. I may have no clue what I am doing or what tomorrow will bring but I will welcome tomorrow with open arms. (a charged phone & a toilet that flushes) ;)

They are worth every bad every way!


  1. This was just what I needed today! My guy is 6 months old and I work from home. I work, take care of him, house stuff, etc. He's teething and going through a growth spurt and.... Yeah. I was just outdone today. He's all clingy and when I put on his pj's and realized that they are his big boy pjs I remembered how quickly time moves and calmed down. His daddy has him in a wrap right now while he plays video games and I'm about to cry like the mama I am thinking about how much I love my guys.

    1. Oh are not alone! The days can be so hard but when you sit back and look at the big picture it is so awesome. Teething blows and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying but you're right the time flies. So get a hot shower and then go hug those guys. :)

  2. Omg, the last lines got me. And you are right no matter how crazy things do get around here, I did so sign up for this. I wanted my girls and I too used to look forward to hearing there little heart beats and feeling their kicks. And yes I talked to them all the time during both pregnancies. But truly am sorry for your bad day and just know you aren't alone and have been there too many times that I have lost count!

  3. Bad days suck, but I am impressed by your ability to keep it in perspective :)
    Although, 30 or 40 minutes in the slammer for a quick nap wouldn't have killed those police ;)